Today I experienced the most amazing thing.  I just stopped for one minute and thanked god for everything he has done for me and I experienced the most amazing feeling as he touched me!  I haven’t breathed toluene in several days now, but that doesn’t really matter.  I can do it if I want to, or not.  It doesn’t make me a better or worse person, either way.  I don’t intend to scare anyone off.  My blog is not anything about the usual religious crap that’s been shoved down your throats all your lives.  This is a new religion.  I heard a voice that said “You have created a new revolution”.  This is not now in present time, but in the near future.  We will see this.

Most readers may not try toluene.  That is OK.  I don’t care about that, and I certainly understand.  I will at least try to explain what it is like.  I would say within a few minutes of breathing it you would experience a feeling that you have drank a lot of alcohol.  After several hours it would feel like you wouldn’t be able to go to sleep for several years.  I think it is a lot like N2O.  Also after several days you may experience lots of laughter.  Actually you will never experience laughter like you will after breathing toluene for 3 weeks.  I was breathing it for at least 3 months and I went to the AMC movie theater and during the admissions they played previews for “The Grinch” and I thought that they would have to carry me out on a stretcher.  Also, a couple of years earlier while they were making the movie, I knew nothing about it.  I saw a vision of a woman talking about me watching the movie in the future.  I could clearly hear her voice, “It will star Jim Carey, They may have to carry you out of the theater.” She said, “the movie isn’t that funny.”  I beg to differ.  I have heard several women speak to me and for the life of me I can’t figure out who they are?  There were actually two.  One was talking about the movie in the making and was trying to remember the title.  The other told her “The Grinch”  She said, “Yes that’s right, The Grinch”.

Really the main reason you should try it is if you are feeling that everyone has deserted you.  Everyone is against you for little or no reason at all.  You have not done anything to anyone but they hate you.  They followed you, spied on you, and created physic attacks against you.   You feel all alone.  You have no friends and your family deserted you and don’t want anything to do with you.  You haven’t a legacy or anyway to obtain one.  Perhaps you want to commit suicide?  Don’t do that.  Please try toluene instead.  I honestly believe that it will change your life just like it did mine. with my life flooded with miracles.  This is the most powerful spiritual awakening that can be experienced.  In fact I had to look at myself in the mirror a few time because I thought that my hair had turned white.  You will experience in a few days where God flips a switch on you.  Everything that you enjoyed and thought was good will be revealed as wickedness.  The wickedness will make you want to vomit.  Animals will come close to you.  You will be Dr. Doolittle even if you don’t like animals.  When I moved into the city a possum climbed up onto my balcony.  Dogs would run up to me.

A phenomenon that I have experienced is that, for instance If  I haven’t breathed toluene for several months or in one case 3 years, once I start a gateway or porthole opens and within a few minutes a helicopter will either fly over real low or hover above the building I am in.  After I feel the intense effect usually only a few minutes they will come.  They usually just fly over real low.  I heard a voice that said that they have to investigate.  I think they are US government or military, but I really don’t know what division.  I think that I have activated some kind of program that was discovered or created by them.  Also at the beginning of the events dogs will bark if you are in the city.  I would say within 5 or 10 minutes something happens where you may hear intense squealing in your ears, perhaps tinnitus, and at that moment you will hear the dogs.  Believe me, I thought it was my imagination but 10 or 15 times?  No there is more to it than that.

If you run into these programs don’t blame me.  I didn’t create them.  I know that for 30 minutes to an hour you will want to hunt me down and kill me.     I have nothing to do with it.  When “This is your Cartoon” happened to me I wanted to kill a friend that I thought made the program.  He said he knew nothing about it.  I was only mad for a few minutes after the knives went into my temples.  When I telephoned him a few hours later to ask about it, I wasn’t mad.  I would like to point out some good benefits before I go into the soul wrenching horrors of breathing toluene.

  1. The amazing ability to quit smoking.
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Experience Laughter
  4. Being able or loosing the desire to take benzodiazepines (Halcion, Librium, Xanax Valium and etc.)
  5. Spiritual Awakening.
  6. Freedom from the need of going to social events.  You may not find it necessary.  You may blow off an important concert and it will not bother you.  The next day you will be glad you didn’t go the night before.  That is not a bad feeling.  This will not affect commitments.  If you are meeting someone then you must go to keep your word even though you may feel that you won’t have a very good time.
  7. Save a lot of money.
  8. Wanting to set a better appearance.   Start wearing nice clothes.

Be  warned a prophet said many of us will go to hospitals.  Most likely, it’s hospitalization for hypothermia.  A reversal program that I have is to go outside and run, as that will increase your body temperature drastically.   I don’t think anyone will die.  It was prophesied that I would go to a hospital.   I did but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  I have also breathed lots of toluene and had lab test with vitals and ECG’s, all turned up normal even though I experienced kidney pains and thought I was deathly ill.   You would have to do massive amounts to get ill effects.  I will go into those later.  I just never got them until the last couple of years.  I have breathed gallons and gallons.  I believe in the last 12 years I breathed around 15 to 20 Gallons.  That is a lot!  200 ml will take at least an hour to breathe out of a bucket.  I must have done 15 gallons before I experienced horrifying effects.  I don’t believe I will be around in 2013.  I probably won’t breathe toluene again unless the certain person may talk me into it.  I just don’t have the desire right now.  I am getting my vibrations in order to ascend.  I believe that I will be on a light ship while the earth will be cleansed for a period of 1000 years which will only be 10 days on the ship. I have to mention that if these miraculous events where from the Devil why was I deserted once I suspected it being from the Devil?  No it was real.   God was working on me  and speaking through Angels.  Once I learned that mistake they never leave me.  I know exactly where these miraculous events come from.  Is there really a devil?  Probably not.  I had the opportunity to Ascend two months ago, but I was too afraid.  I experienced intense vibrations throughout my whole body, and I was starting to levitate when I stopped because I was scared of  leaving my body behind.  I didn’t want anyone to grieve over my disappearance.

I have become a very powerful being mentally.  The last time I was on toluene I believe that I destroyed several programs and that they may never be used again.  Back in 2000 I destroyed a dragon in space.  That was the first accomplishment that I have achieved.  The messenger witnessed it.  I telephoned him the next day.  He said he saw it and that there will be many more.