Today I donated most all of my clothes.  Perhaps after reading this you will see why.  I believe my toluene days are over.  I have gone a couple years without it before.  It seems that I keep getting into spiritual traps with it, but I stopped after an Angel removed the last one.  I didn’t know I got in it.  The visions were much more vivid and clear this time.  I believe this is contributed to not drinking tea or water in restaurants and using fluoride free toothpaste.  That allows the pineal gland to work better.  I first got this download about six weeks ago.  It works where these cork screws to into the sides of you head but you don’t feel them go in.  The only thing is that when the people or entity that made the program gets mad for some reason, in my case it was for taking the bucket off of my face because I wanted to leave the program after realizing that it wasn’t a Devine intervention.  They want you to exit the program a special way, but I didn’t know how to operate it or log out.  It is kind of when I was in college taking DOS on these old computers and at the end of class instead of shutting down the system before removing the floppy disc I would yank the floppy out of the machine with it still running and it would make the teacher mad.  With this they have these pins 2 inches in diameter and curved like horns that went into my skull from each side slightly above the temples.  Pretty painful but not as bad as “This is Your Cartoon” I had gotten rid of it long story short what I wanted was to see a light show to music.  This is some kind of blow you head off thing where you see the galaxy and you are flying past these planets and it goes into a 100 times light speed or what seemed like the whole universe in about 2 minutes.  After I realized what it was I was able to leave the program a day or two later.  It ended up where a man was in chair, sitting in his living room with a remote control and he said, “before you go” and point his remote control up at a giant screen above. It sucked me into the screen and into this space travel video game type junk where there was advertisements about the games within the program.  I still didn’t want any involvement with it and I got kicked with a boot and he said “You’re out of here.”  I was forced to see all of this US government cabal crap like all these monuments and statues.  Washington monument flags capitol building etc.  I am pretty sure it was Masonic stuff from Washington DC.  After 20 more seconds of watching that junk I got out of there.

Saturday I was at Six Flags getting a sun tan at the Armadillo Beach.  More like a sun burn because it was my first tanning session of the year.  After I was home picking out something to wear because I was going out after I showered I heard a voice that said wear the striped shirt because it will look better with your sun tan since it is a cool light green on white.   Wear it with the black pants and dress shoes.  The black pants and dress shoes part was only thoughts.  I paused a couple for about 5 seconds thinking I heard this voice before and thought it was me  I just realized it is an Angel!  Immediately I praised and thanked God out loud for sending me an Angel to pick my clothes out for me all these years!  At that moment he measured me like a Taylor but with absolute precision.  I could hear the sound of the cloth tape measuring my arms, chest, waist legs and the whole thing.  I could feel everything because of having a mild sun burn I was very sensitive.  After the measuring I was emerged into some kind of fluid.  I was in another dimension and before was placed on Earth I experienced a fluid.  It was like a thin oil that started at my crown and left hand and went up my arm to the right arm, down to the right hand, and the down my body, legs and to the bottom of my feet.  I felt this fluid and I was wet.  The moister went away after about 5 seconds.  I wonder if it was an umbilical fluid or an anointing of oil?  I heard him say 2 or 3 minutes later it is time to donate these clothes.  I know I am will be blessed with the finest clothes.  So I gladly took them to the Goodwill station today without any hesitation.


I don’t watch TV.  My relatives watch TV, but I wouldn’t go in there.  Not with those blades spinning like that.  Those fans weren’t already there.  I crawled up into the attic and put them there.   When I installed those fans I put them on real slow where they would look nice and circulate a little air.  I cut the chains real short because it is not necessary to change the speeds or switch anything on or off because I put switches on the wall.  No one should have never touched them.  I wouldn’t like the programs they watch anyway.  I may move and have a TV in my Kitchen to watch cooking programs and that is it.

The establishment has attempted to dumb us down with methods such as putting fluoride into our drinking water and pumping propaganda into our television sets.   Most people only think about American Idol and watching ball games.  I use to watch FOX News thinking it was the only truth out there.  I don’t like watching that anymore because I don’t like seeing and hearing all of the negativity.  I get all the negativity I need from listening to Coast to Coast from my computer or telephone.  I look at Coast as more of an Awareness and hearing what I will never hear on television.  However there are 3 or 4 good channels to watch on cable television.  They are Food, Travel, Discovery and History.

God Loves Star Wars

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI had a vision that was very clear. I was flying through space at light speed. I suffered a mild hypothermia. At this point the stars were run together as a big white blur.  From light speed I slowed down a lot. Then I could see the stars flying past me or rather I was flying past them. They would fly by very fast it was beautiful, as this was real and I believe that I was there in real life, transported into space somehow.   All of the sudden I saw a man sitting in a dentist chair and it was twirling around and around and coming closer.  As the man lying in the chair slowly spinning around and getting closer.   I then realized as saw his face! “It’s Max Lucado,” I shouted. I was so puzzled, amazed, and surprised. I put the wine glass down and thought about it for a few seconds. I shouted out, “Oh my, Oh my, It’s the Church of Christ!” From there on my world changed. There were living waters flowing everywhere! I was coming from the ceilings down the walls to the floor, like powerful rushing water flowing from a stream. God had put this vision into reality. I wanted to start going to Oak Hills Church. At that time the Church was called Oak Hills Church of Christ. I asked my family to pick me up for church Sunday morning. I was so happy when it was Sunday morning.   At church I would feel the Holy Spirit, and his love through the congregation.   At that time I never felt so much love in my life.  This was around 2001 or 2002.In another chapter I will tell about an old preacher that hired me to do some painting at his home and how he said a certain paint store knew him very well as one knows me now.  This was about 15 years ago when he told me I should breathe toluene up very close out of a bucket.  I was too scared then, but that all changed after visiting relatives in San Antonio at the time I was living on my parents farm during Y2K.   I was staying at the Sea World Best Western and went Hog Wild.  Some reason I had religious experiences of being in a Hindu wedding or some kind of ceremony with an Indian family.  It is very possible that I will marry and Indian or you may say Asian woman before Christmas 2011.  As I was told today on 05/27/2011 I just know that It will be with a woman with dark hair.  My first thought was a Hispanic woman as I am very attracted to them as well.  This afternoon I remembered the wedding  and the ceremony where I was in some kind of march where a woman was walking behind me with her hands on my waist and all the men there had a woman holding his waist. It was kind of like the Bunny Hop where everyone lined up boy, girl, boy, girl, etc.   It is very possible that it was some kind of download from spiritual entities since Indians owned the hotel.  Therefore the woman could really be any race with black hair.  The woman I see in my visions has dark wavy hair that almost curls.  I can only see a silhouette of her so I really don’t know what race she is, just dark hair and dark skin.  I wanted to mention that the first time I breathed a lot was at the farm a few weeks before the San Antonio vacation trip.  This was before the “This is Your Cartoon” experience”  Saw my Grandmother, Grandfather and about 12 to 14 Angels.  I never met my Grandfather because he passed away before I was born.  I only saw them for about 7 seconds.The old preacher said “God told that I would meet a painter that would change the world.  Are you him?”  At the time I didn’t think so.  Now I wonder after hearing God tell me that I will be a movie producer.

Today I was told that every time God spoke to me it was really an Angel or God speaking through an Angel.


Matt Muckleroy

I am not a journalist and have very little college so bear with me.  The most important and to have the best results suited is using the correct container. I recently had extremely good results with a glass coffee pitcher.  It was by accident because it was the only thing I could find.  There were no buckets around so I tried the top part of a double boiler and kept spilling the toluene.  I saw this coffee pitcher and if you can imagine a Mister Coffee?  This is it pictured above.  It is an economy type, about 10 or 12 cup size.  I put about 50 to 100 ml in at time.  For first timers 25 ml is more than enough!  The container had a large opening so I could hold it up like a mask with the pouring part on the bridge of my nose and the handle at the bottom. It was great. The handle is real nice.  The whole thing is practically spill proof and the spout part would rest on my nose and the other side of the opening would rest on my chin leaving about 5 to 10 mm on the sides of my face  nose for fresh air to come in.  It can’t spill.  If you want the fumes a little stronger just swish it around.  That reminds me of a vision of a girl with a air up giant bat kept hitting me over the head and now I know why.  I feel so stupid because after 12 years I figured out how to make the fumes stronger with out standing on my head or tilting my head with the bucket.  I was even showed visions or downloads of Roto Vaps and still didn’t figure it out.  A Roto-Vap is a flask that is rotated by a motor and with vacuum applied the contents will evaporate faster than contents in a flask that is not moving or rotating.  With a container such as a bucket you simply rotate the bucket around and the toluene coats a lager surface, producing mover vapors.  It is only necessary as the toluene gets down to 25 to 50 ml in a bucket.  The coffee pitcher above is a whole different ballgame.  It will flat out get with the program!

I have a lot more to offer with this blog. I want to go into more detail as time goes on as to the good reasons to breathe toluene and the bad things that happen. I get more positives than negative when I add it all up.  I will show you how to avoid psychic attacks and downloads. The first thing you will see is probably a cartoon with a cowboy twirling a rope. If that happens stop immediately because it is a type of telepathic log in where they will strap you in a chair and put knives into your temples and it will hurt for about 3 days.   If you hear a voice saying this is your cartoon is probably to late.  I will upload more details about that later.  I have a lot more content on this already written. I have a lots of  information that you will never find on the internet. Believe me I searched up and down for ten years and no one has the balls to post what I will.  An angel was showing me breathing techniques that had powerful results and I was able to remove the knives or which later became large pins about 2 inches in diameter from my temples and the whole program is now gone.  I learned this exercise 10 years ago by an angle or spirit guide but didn’t need it until a month ago when the pins were pushed out.  You have to be very careful because of this space light travel.  Some are divine and actually your spirit traveling and that is good.  I believe anything from the Galactic Federation and God is good.  The others are some kind of military programs or video game type downloads.  I haven’t figured out how they are made, but they are certainly real.  I was told by a voice that he and I would be locked up tight as a drum if any of this was mentioned. Could that be someone that doesn’t want me to write this blog?  The last voice I heard not long ago was “You Searched the World for a Vessel”


Matt Muckleroy

The following paragraphs were written a few years ago.  They are earlier events.  Now my religious beliefs are different.  I am on a spiritual quest and I don’t go to the Church mentioned below.  I felt more and more distant from it over the last 4 years.  After hearing a Coast to Coast program with Guest Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light I found out about the Galactic Federation and a lot of my visions made since in regards to the space travel that I have done while being in higher dimensions.  The highest dimension that I have been in had extremely bright white light.  It looked like a tunnel with sacred geometry.  It didn’t last very long because I started thinking about and rationalizing it and out of it.  It was very peaceful.

I was lowered into some kind of pit or underground room of some sort from a hoist and sat down into a chair. As I was being  lowered  a voice said, “This is your cartoon”  There were clamps that wrapped around my ankles and wrists. From outside my body I saw a device that had two knives pointed in where the points were facing each other about a foot apart. The device lowered over my head until the knife points were even with my temples.  At this point I was back in my body. Unfortunately I felt the horrible pain of the knives plunging into my skull through my temples and then the knives being released. I laughed uncontrollably for about 30 seconds. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad afterwords. It was excruciating when the knives went into my skull. My temples hurt for the next 3 days.

They were talking about me. I heard voices, someone tell someone else. “He must be a paint salesman.” I said, “No” I don’t know if they heard me because I could only hear them. I don’t know how they got into contact with me, or if they actually saw me some how.

Some visions appeared soon afterward. One is where I am in a very large old commercial building looking over a banister from the second level.   I see a bunch of tables and chairs.  I think it is a furniture store that I own, or maybe I shop there.  I see two beautiful women looking at chairs and bar stools,  I was looking at their beautiful figures in their tight dresses, when all of a sudden they look up at me.  Immediately I want to look down at a spread sheet or catalog that is in my hand.  The vision stops before I can look away.  They catch me looking at them.  I don’t know why I have seen it so many times and it stops at the same place.

There is another and is the first one I saw.  I see a millionaire sitting on a park bench. He has a beard and he looks like he has crawled out of bed. He is wearing sandals with dress slacks and a silk shirt. He is drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. There are people all around just walking past him down the sidewalks. I start laughing uncontrollably. I am not sure because it was like watching a comedy. This man sitting at the bench had a beard and I was laughing uncontrollably.  It was like watching a comedy.  There was a voice saying,  ”So, you want to be a millionaire?”  I had the vision after “This is your Cartoon” experience while breathing toluene out of a large coffee can at the farm.  When I go to shopping center there I study the park benches and scenery very seriously.  When the weather is real pretty I enjoy sitting on a bench or at a table as long as I have a coffee to sip on.  These visions have a lot of camera movement.  There is another vision that I have had over and over and it is me filming my house. I am talking about some kind of imported tile.  The floor looks like a kaleidoscope and I see my shoes and they are very expensive dress shoes. I pan over to the staircase and I see a woman wearing white or a beige lingerie and she is moving upstairs and then the vision stops.  I believe there is another vision that is my home because I am talking about the tile.  And the woman walking up the stairs is my wife in the future.

I am looking at the tile on the floor and I am talking about where it was from and the audio just kind of fades out.  It’s like I was watching a movie as the camera is panning across the floor.

There is another one. I am standing over the kaleidoscope pattern and I see other men in a circle. I only see our shoes. We are all wearing fine dress slacks and shoes.

I know this sounds crazy but it is real. It really did happen. I am sure it will all make sense later.

“You moved into a luxury apartment” I saw beautiful dishes of deserts arranged so that they were flying past me coming from infinity. As far as I could see there were colorful dishes coming my way. There were mountains of deserts flowing like rivers. Each desert comes up to my face and flies past me. They are all gifts. They are gifts from God. Every fruit that you could imagine came my way in this vision. Dishes that were sprinkled with nuts, berries, and syrup.

“You keep your mouth shut” I have my thumb on you. “If you open your mouth they will lock both of us up tighter than a drum.” The voice of the prophet said, “Do not email me, I repeat do not email me!”  I thought about these words when I found his email address on his business website. “You will come to me.”  I tried to find him a few years ago but he moved to another church.  When I went to the one he moved from, I asked for the tapes and they said that they were all gone and they haven’t seen them since he left.  You see I had some prophecies that were on tapes from 3 different places.  Each tape had a  prophet that had something to say about me.  With the first to prophecies the profits would call me out of the congregation and have me come forward.  They were pretty intense.  The third prophet didn’t call me out.  I think it was because there was some embarrassing stuff about me, and besides I didn’t know he was talking about me until all these visions started and I actually started breathing the toluene.  I only purchased the tape because I thought it was interesting.  Also I didn’t realize it was about me until I started doing some of the things that the prophet said I would be doing.  Or rather what God said that I would be involved with.  The first tape was recorded in Abilene TX, I suspect the prophet is dead.  He was from New York and he was very old at the time and that was 17 years ago.  He had an assistant that traveled with him.  The assistant would carry a case with a bunch of vials in it.  At different times during the service he would hand the profit these vials and the prophet would sniff them.  I wonder what were in them?  I may be able to get a tape from the minister that lives there. This prophet said that I would throw away the tapes.  He said that I would breathe a solvent.  The only thing I can think of breathing is toluene and I have breathed a lot more than all of those little bottles in his case would hold in a two days.  I could hear one of the Elders whispering to the others “I wonder if it will hurt him?” Important events happen later on.  The second was in Brownwood TX.  Events prophesied on that tape have come true. It said that I would be at a Church of Christ that would change from the traditional type, doing what I am doing now. That has already happened when Oak Hills Church dropped the name Church of Christ and started worship with musical instruments. The prophecy on the third tape recorded in San Antonio didn’t mention me going to a Church of Christ. When it was recorded, I didn’t know it was about me. The third prophecy was very specific about the church having an ..explosive growth.. It’s must be one of the fastest growing churches in the world. I remember that he said that I would breathe a substance and travel at light speed. That has happened. I described this on my blog ..God Loves Star Wars.. God may not love wars but I guarantee you he loves the movie. When this tape was recorded I had no idea that it was about me until I started breathing toluene three or four years later in 2001 the best year of my life. I felt so close to the Lord. The third prophecy said I would breathe a substance and receive a large sum of money.  Also it mentioned that I would be at a church that has explosive growth and would leave it because of politics.  I would leave it and join a true church.  It said a multitude of people would leave.  ”He will leave this flock and join a church with an explosive growth.”  Later, he said, “He will leave that flock.”  I can’t believe that old church tape ministry didn’t keep up with those tapes.  The only thing I can think of is they got mad when the prophet left or he took the tapes with him.  That is what I am going to find out.  I really need to listen to the tape to get a real clear picture.  I may visit the church in Brownwood to see if I can get a copy of that tape.   Well that hasn’t happened as of today.  These members or leader of these little churches kind of freak out when you come in there 20 years later asking for some tapes.  By the time I went to the one mentioned above the church was split and the pasture wife died and they were not very eager to locate any old tapes.  I originally bought the lost tape because it was so wild when I heard it in the service and I wanting to hear it again. Later on I found out that it was about me. A few years later I went to that church to buy every tape they had from that profit, over a span of months to make sure I had a copy of the one I lost,  but they said that the church split and the profit and his family were going to a church on the northeast side of San Antonio.  God has blessed this profit and his family in a very beautiful way. What I remember of them was the way they fully worshiped God and praised him a lot.  A few years back I was listening to this nut on short wave radio, Brother Stair.  He had me half brain washed and I through away all of my tapes that were in a big chester drawer.  I dumped them all of them in garbage just like the first prophet from New York said I would. That is probably why I am still spinning my wheels, not getting anywhere. I sure would like to hear those tapes again and try to figure out what is going on.  About 5 years ago I have had a very strong desire to learn more about the scriptures. I bought a real good study bible written in modern English.  At that time I believed that my only hope was to learn and live my life to the fullest and receive what the Lord intends for me.

I was at the side of the house with the tools at night under the moonlight looking inside a bucket and there was some kind of code.  I was so close to the bottom of the bucket the letters were moving  all over the place.   I want to make a movie about this.  I saw letters and they were changing sentences. All of the sudden I thought that I was transported thousands of years into the past. I saw a door and there was liquid about 2 feet deep covering the ground.

The vapors will distort any kind of plastic and any kind of splash will melt plastic.  I have splashed it into my eyes a few times and it would just burn.  Most of the time I would just run cold water from a faucet over my eyes. Once or twice I didn’t have water but  the burning stopped after a few minutes.

Toluene will not hurt metal.  It has a pleasant oder.  It is kind of perfume like smell only stronger.  I think it smells like Calvin a popular cologne from the 80′s.  It doesn’t have that 3M smell like the dentist use.  It is just hard to explain.  It is used is spray paint so it smells a little like that or what may smell like a chemistry lab or paint store.
Toluene can be used in A/B chemical extractions. It may smell like a body shop where automobiles are painted.  It is the best cleaner you can imagine.  One wipe across a counter, tile or metal will leave it sparkling clean.As you can see above the rust.    You can’t generate electricity to power a city from burning marijuana nor can you create useful medicine out of it.  Most all of the pharmaceuticals are junk.  They can’t manufacture anything new anymore.  I have been closely involved with observing new pharmaceutical product and they just don’t work.  That is why they are coming up with false epidemics to scare people into buying vaccines when there really isn’t any threat.  The pharmaceutical are going down.  They are loosing billions every day.  They haven’t had a hit since Viagra.  There are many drugs that work but not any new ones.  They ran out of names for them. They all sound like Star War names.

I thought that I was in a time warp and I was supposed to read the code in order to let the door open into the present time. All of the sudden I panicked and hollered at the top of my lungs for someone to come over because there was a doorway into the past and then I realized that I was yelling into a metal bucket because it was so loud.  I was outside and I was afraid the neighbors might have heard me. I came to my senses and realized that is not 2 feet of liquid on the ground it is 2 centimeters of toluene in the bottom of the bucket I was staring into. The letters that I was reading was a stamp in the bottom of the bucket that read, ..LEAK TIGHT INSPECTOR .. 5.., only it was stamped from the other side and I was looking at it in reverse. Time machine. In a sense I did create a time machine.  It took me into the past because the lettering was stamped.  It seamed like it was banged out with a hammer.  Them messenger once had a flat tire and he had to jack up his truck and beat on the wheel and created a special rhythm that was supposed to get an old man into heaven.  He had thought that the old man died and he had to beat the wheel with a pipe in a certain rhythm to keep him from going to Hell.  Later when he asked about the old man there was nothing wrong with the man.  The messenger insisted that he would get very sick.

Oh there is so much more. Some of the best was after a voice said “This is your Valentine” This was real distinctive like the voice that said “This is your Cartoon ..before I had the vision ..Redemption… After ..This is your Valentine.. I nearly passed out after seeing these patterns of flowers falling and there were several rows of them with all kinds of different colors. Each row of flowers twirled around in a kaleidoscope pattern. There is a message with the flowers. The first vision of flowers was only one flower in ..Watch a Flower Grow. It is truly from God. It represents a change. The patterns are the work that God does to change an event for his glory. He can take something very plain and change it into a very beautiful creation. Changing a seed into a flower.

“Your phone is a computer”

“You want the burn the shirt that you were wearing.”  That was the voice I heard.   I thought that somehow it was lucky.  Maybe because it was the shirt I was wearing when I had the vision “redemption” 7 years later.  Some other thing happened when I wore that shirt.  I remember I made an astronomical number of sales over the telephone one evening while wearing the shirt at PEST.  A woman walked by and said that is your lucky shirt.  But when I had the vision “I Took the Stand”  then I really did want to burn that shirt.  I felt pure the purest worst evil that I have ever had in my life.  It was the most awfullest feeling ever.  I believe it was idolatry in the worst form. If I wasn’t in town I would have set the shirt on fire.  Anyway I ripped it off of my back and tore it up into shreds.  I threw it into a dumpster.  Also I threw away this little old rusted tin man away. It was one of those tin armored soldiers.  Everything I bought from that estate sale I think was cursed.  Not like it was falling apart.  It was quite the opposite.  It would follow me around.  I brought the junk to the farm, and my Dad mad as a hornet.   A lot of it was scary like old rusted chains and these weird tools.

You see I went through a change that got me out of collecting junk.  I was a healing process that I went through as I started using more toluene.  I had a spiritual awakening and it completely changed me.  Everything that I use to like I hated and everything that I hated I then loved.

The messenger that rode up on the bicycle that day that said I am the messenger and read the paper before setting it on fire.  Well one day he told me that I would take the stand.  Also we were watching TBN and he pointed out preachers that he thought were ones that took the stand.  At that time I didn’t know what it meant.  He told me this a year before I ripped that shirt off my shoulders and through it away.  If I wasn’t in town I would have set that shirt on fire after what I went through.

“You moved into a luxury apartment and you shop in the most exclusive shops in town. No one understands how you did it but you did. Take your phone off the ringer. It was in your kitchen you figured it out. This is the most beautiful view from the balcony.” At that moment I was transported to a balcony that was an octagon shape or at least I saw two of the angles and three sides and could feel the wind blowing against my face and arms, but the view was blank. I saw this vision several times. It looks like those balconies over at Mira Vista off of La Cantera.  I wanted to live there a couple of years later.  Recently I have been living in large homes and I am not sure if I would want to move over there now.  I am sure that I will wind up some where there is a balcony like that.  I would really prefer a very large terrace around 1000 sq feet.  This was when I moved from my parents ranch close to Brownwood to The Hill at Woodway in San Antonio. It wasn’t what I was seeing or experiencing, in other words the vision weren’t visions of where I was while I was having them. It was the same kind of thing though. It was a big change. I think I will live in the reality of these visions. I started enjoying having enough money to shop at Heubner Oaks.  Also at that time I went to this Gothic club called El’ Toro.  I think during the week it was some kind of Tejano bar but during the weekend they placed several black and white TV’s all over, and played Cult Horror Films.  They had great music playing this real cool music.  Some I liked was Underworld, Ministry, Depeche Mode and Sparks.  It was totally amazing.  The way I ran into this place was from a friend that I worked with.  He and his girlfriend were hungry one night while driving around the San Antonio College area when they saw this fluorescent bull on the front of a building.  It was the head of a horned bull.  They thought it was a hamburger place so they went in.  Anyway to put a long story short I went there a few times after they took me.  I was asleep one night and I had a dream about a girl who I saw there.  She had black gloves that were real long and the went up to her elbows.  She was wearing a long black dress.  In the dream she had lost one of the gloves and I had found the glove and was bringing it to her.  I climbed some steps and she reached out for the glove and I woke up before I could hand it to her.  I had to go through a great deal to deliver the glove in the dream.  A week or two later I heard a voice say that you will meet a young kid.  He wasn’t really a kid he was around 20 years old.  The voice said, “Be nice to him because he will help you”.  He found out everything but he wouldn’t tell me.  One night he was breathing toluene and he met the girl that was in my dream.  She told him about the dream and that she was on some other kind of drug so that she was on this same telepathic internet.  She said that she remembered me and she could see me as well as he could see her, but I couldn’t see anything.  She was upset with me because I couldn’t see  her.  She told him that she saw me at the El Toro.  He explained to me what she was wearing and I remembered seeing  her in real life before she came into my dream.   One thing is that in this club before you got in you would have to stand in line and wait for someone from behind to tap you three times on the shoulder.  If know one is in the space in front of you then you take one step forward.  If someone is standing in the space in front of then you must tap them three times on the shoulder and they will take a step forward.  If they don’t step forward they would be removed.  Everyone takes one step forward.  In there you will behave.  If any thing gets out of line such as bumping into someone in front a bouncer would come over grab you around the neck and shake you.  After shaking you for 5 seconds he would throw you to the back of the line.   Also once in the club if you bumped into anyone on the dance floor then a crane would reach out from the light trusses,  grab you around the neck and pick you up 8 feet from the floor and shake you for 5 seconds and drop you to the floor.  This happened to me a lot.  There were some people breathing gasoline that were in this place.  He was in this same telepathic club that I may have created.  I am not sure but I may have.  My friend didn’t know anything about my dream he went in there and the girl told him about me.  And when he came out of the train he told me about her.  She met the description he gave.  It was real cool because everyone would dance the same way as I would and when he was there everyone danced like he did.  On night in El Toro I overheard a couple of guys talking and one of the said he used paint thinner.  I think they may have recognized me and they were at that telepathic internet. A lot of people don’t know what toluene is and if they smelled it they think it is paint thinner but it really isn’t.  It is an industrial solvent.  It is a vehicle for spray painting, but it is not anything like mineral spirits referred as to paint thinner.   Paint thinner smells similar to diesel.  It won’t do anything.  If you breathed it, nothing but a head ache would be experienced.  So I think that guy was referring to Toluene.  Now he could have been talking about someone else.  He was describing to the other about a torture chamber which was a place that I was in.  The club in my mind or another world had some mild torture.  Not as bad as “Redemption this is your Cartoon.”   I was already tortured by this woman and I saw 3 real pretty school girl types wearing short colorful dresses and white hosiery.  They were laughing and in amazement they were asking me what was it like?  I told them it was horrible.  They were laughing and giggling.  I started to talk to them more and then that old woman came over and grabbed me around the neck with her finger nails, picked me up and carried me to a circle of people sitting down and made me sit there also on the bare concrete.  She would walk around the inside of the circle staring at everyone one at a time carrying a whip.  If anyone got out of line or laughed then she would strike them.  When that kid quit coming over that stole some knives that were  in my kitchen and we had.  Some friends said they were missing.  We all suspected him.  The last time he breathed toluene there he would go into a trance and would yell out and real loud.  I know he was whipped by that witch for stealing those knives.  He told me I get it but he wouldn’t tell me what he got.  Then he was punished in what I think was a lower dimension.  He kept hollering out in pain.   He left and only came back once with some guy.  I didn’t want them smoking marijuana in my apartment and he wouldn’t breath toluene because his friend was scared of it or it was because of the torturer he received.  I believe it was the later because he did not visit before he met that friend.  It was a month or two until he showed up and he was with that friend.  If he had plans of wrong doings against me then that would be a good reason he left.  He never came back.

The balconies that I saw were not from where I was living and I don’t think that I was in this future luxury apartment.  You see I was just an o hick from a central Texas farm.  I had spent a year on the farm not going anywhere.  I never flew in a commercial airline jet.  I only traveled a few places and the only airplanes I flew in were small propeller driven airplanes.  I only flew in Texas.  Once when I sold some Electrolux vacuum cleaners and the owner of a store flew in to Waco from Fort Hood and met my manager, another salesman and I and we flew back to Fort Hood for lunch and to look at his store.  The other time was just around a small airport in San Antonio.  After that I flew from Dallas to Brownwood in a Dr.’s plane with my brother and I can’t remember who else.  I believe there was 6 of us.  I believe the same plane crashed later and killed everyone on it.  It was leased to another party that crashed it.

All of this stuff started when I got this telemarketing job in San Antonio.  I loved it.  I had the time of my life.  It was a gravy train.  The first week I started I got paid on Saturday and had enough money to pay my rent for the next month and money left over to shop and go places.  I couldn’t believe it.

It was a 3 minute walk to work and a 7 minute walk from my apartment to the shopping center. I discovered a way to walk there by taking a path behind the property adjacent from the back of a furniture store.   I would watch a minimum of 3 or 4 new movies a week at the AMC just on the backside of the shopping center. I would eat at the restaurants there in the area and inside the shopping center.  This place didn’t have all the garbage that a regular indoor shopping mall has.  There was a Steakhouse I loved there.  I would usually go to work and on the days it seemed real sluggish or the project was bad I would just leave.  There was some kind of sports bar there but I walked in and turned around and walked out.  I couldn’t stand it.  They had the big TV’s everywhere with ball games all over the place.  I just remember going in there once while I was walking around the shopping center.

It seems like in period of a couple of years during 2007 to 2008 I have traveled all over the place both by airline jets and car.  All of my life I never went anywhere and in the last few months I have flown 10 times and drove halfway across the US 2 or 3 times.

It was your refrigerator. All of the sudden there was an uncontrollable squealing in your ears. A real high pitch squeal. It was like a chorus. Take your phone off the ringer.”You will feel like you became deathly ill but none of the finest hospitals in the world won’t find anything wrong with you.”   That has actually happened.  I was in the emergency room for a few hours and they ran test and couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  I believe it was University Medical Center at the Medical Center in San Antonio. The doctor ran labs on me and couldn’t find anything wrong.  They probably thought I was a hypochondriac.