The last one was very mild going in and triggered from listening to trance music on Pandora.  For a while I thought it came from Pandora and that they were Evil but it can happen listening the same music on YouTube or Sirius.  I was requesting a light show and this “blow your head off” style program that is hard to explain opened up in my head and I was able to see the most magnificent laser light show that would cost over a million dollars to produce in real life.  I seen several different shows and the best on was listening to the song “Take Me Away” by 4 Strings.  I actually thought it was my female soul mate from the Galactic Federation taking me on a space travel.  That may have been exactly what it was.  Basically I saw several planets and was flying past them and stars I started flying through millions of stars, all of a sudden I picked up speed which almost made me black out.  It was as much as I could take.  Anymore I would have passed out or go into hypothermia.  I have experienced hypothermia back in 2003 as I traveled light speed.  The way to reverse it is to go outside and run until your body warms up.  Before I figured that out I was sitting on the floor in my apartment wearing a heavy coat and the central heat turned high as it would go.  It is a very scary and helpless feeling.  After passing a few planets and going into the stars I was sped up so much that the millions of stars turned into a solid streak of light.  I must have traveled hundreds of times the speed of light.  The entire ride was finished in about 2 minutes.  I have heard that Merkaba Light Ships can travel the entire universe in about 2 minutes.  They are very fast.  They are from the Galactic Federation. ,   I have posted a map of the universe at the foot of this blog.  There is a YouTube video that shows everything that is discovered by scientist and is nothing compared to what I have traveled.  This was prophesied 14 years ago and at the time I was just sitting in the church and didn’t know it was about me until I experienced it. 4 years later.

Once I realized that this brain expanding program was downloaded,  I hollered “Angel help me!”  Instantly the Angel came in and I saw stars being pushed away from the center.  Large groups of stars moved from center to left and vise versa.  They moved up and down as well.  It looked like 4 groups 400 stars each were moving away from the center.  In about 1 second 2 cork screws screwed out of my head.  One on each side of my head between the temple and top of my ear on each side.  It was a little painful but not like knives going into the temples as in “This is Your Cartoon”.  I repeat; If you see a cartoon with a cowboy twirling a rope then stop immediately.  This is not in my head.  I have witnessed 2 other people seeing the same thing.  You might be able to stay in there long enough to experience the part where the chains hoist you up but after that you will be strapped into a chair and knives will be shoved into your temples.  As these corkscrews were removed the Angel told me never do it again.  I now have protection.  When the cartoon program was removed 12 years after I got it I actually called upon Jesus to help me and it was removed.  It must be one of the hardest out there to remove.  I believe it was military or espionage technology.