I experienced intense  hearing.  I heard a car drive by and it sounded like it was inside my room. They started scanning me again.  They have a scanner that scans across the face.  It shoots out rays almost like bar code scanner only it isn’t red.  I believe it the program from the people who I had my Angel remove before.  I got out of there real quick before they locked on to me.   You love Fiesta Texas. God loves Fiesta Texas also. That is what I heard with the voice of the Prophetess years ago and today I have felt that was what God was telling me.  There is something about the power of the sun and tanning. You must move around in different areas in your home or living quarters because of what I believe is energy patterns.  There is something about getting real hot, coming in and drinking two beers before breathing toluene.  I discovered this when I had the “This is Your Cartoon” experience.  It was in the hot summer weather an acquaintance offered me 2 16 oz.  domestic beers that I drank and drove 15 miles of country roads in a vehicle without air conditioning.  Never accuse God or Angels of being the Devil.  If you accuse God or an Angel of being an evil spirit or Devil then they will leave you alone. You won’t have to worry about receiving anything.  It could be that every time that God does what he is going to do it is time to stop breathing it then.  I believe that you are open to bad entities once God has finished his work with you.  It seems that every time I continue after receiving a gift blessing I get into problems with it.  Spiritual attacks and warfare.  Today I have received health and wealth.  I thought I found a place free of electrical fields, or was a porthole to higher dimensions, but realized I was suffocating from being in a small walk in closet.  I guess the lack of air caused greater potency and concentration of the toluene vapors as well as more carbon dioxide.  A little better than breathing in a paper bag for treating an anxiety attack.    A month ago I discovered a scientific phenomena.  I need to do some more testing on it.  A a physical phenomenon cannot be patented so I must invent something that uses the discovery.  I believe it could be a healing device that I discovered.  If ever get sick I may see if it works.  Fortunately I hardly ever get sick.  The small space could be very dangerous.  I heard of a rare death of a man in a car a couple years ago.  More people die driving cars, but anyhow the coroner thought it was very odd and it must have been the lack of fresh air.  I had and event that I was going to ascend to a space ship but I chickened out and stopped breathing the vapor as I moved the bucket away from my face.  I felt by whole body vibrate and I was afraid that when I ascended that I would leave my body behind.  If I was certain that I would leave with my body intact and be able to return to Earth, I would have done it.