Today I donated most all of my clothes.  Perhaps after reading this you will see why.  I believe my toluene days are over.  I have gone a couple years without it before.  It seems that I keep getting into spiritual traps with it, but I stopped after an Angel removed the last one.  I didn’t know I got in it.  The visions were much more vivid and clear this time.  I believe this is contributed to not drinking tea or water in restaurants and using fluoride free toothpaste.  That allows the pineal gland to work better.  I first got this download about six weeks ago.  It works where these cork screws to into the sides of you head but you don’t feel them go in.  The only thing is that when the people or entity that made the program gets mad for some reason, in my case it was for taking the bucket off of my face because I wanted to leave the program after realizing that it wasn’t a Devine intervention.  They want you to exit the program a special way, but I didn’t know how to operate it or log out.  It is kind of when I was in college taking DOS on these old computers and at the end of class instead of shutting down the system before removing the floppy disc I would yank the floppy out of the machine with it still running and it would make the teacher mad.  With this they have these pins 2 inches in diameter and curved like horns that went into my skull from each side slightly above the temples.  Pretty painful but not as bad as “This is Your Cartoon” I had gotten rid of it long story short what I wanted was to see a light show to music.  This is some kind of blow you head off thing where you see the galaxy and you are flying past these planets and it goes into a 100 times light speed or what seemed like the whole universe in about 2 minutes.  After I realized what it was I was able to leave the program a day or two later.  It ended up where a man was in chair, sitting in his living room with a remote control and he said, “before you go” and point his remote control up at a giant screen above. It sucked me into the screen and into this space travel video game type junk where there was advertisements about the games within the program.  I still didn’t want any involvement with it and I got kicked with a boot and he said “You’re out of here.”  I was forced to see all of this US government cabal crap like all these monuments and statues.  Washington monument flags capitol building etc.  I am pretty sure it was Masonic stuff from Washington DC.  After 20 more seconds of watching that junk I got out of there.

Saturday I was at Six Flags getting a sun tan at the Armadillo Beach.  More like a sun burn because it was my first tanning session of the year.  After I was home picking out something to wear because I was going out after I showered I heard a voice that said wear the striped shirt because it will look better with your sun tan since it is a cool light green on white.   Wear it with the black pants and dress shoes.  The black pants and dress shoes part was only thoughts.  I paused a couple for about 5 seconds thinking I heard this voice before and thought it was me  I just realized it is an Angel!  Immediately I praised and thanked God out loud for sending me an Angel to pick my clothes out for me all these years!  At that moment he measured me like a Taylor but with absolute precision.  I could hear the sound of the cloth tape measuring my arms, chest, waist legs and the whole thing.  I could feel everything because of having a mild sun burn I was very sensitive.  After the measuring I was emerged into some kind of fluid.  I was in another dimension and before was placed on Earth I experienced a fluid.  It was like a thin oil that started at my crown and left hand and went up my arm to the right arm, down to the right hand, and the down my body, legs and to the bottom of my feet.  I felt this fluid and I was wet.  The moister went away after about 5 seconds.  I wonder if it was an umbilical fluid or an anointing of oil?  I heard him say 2 or 3 minutes later it is time to donate these clothes.  I know I am will be blessed with the finest clothes.  So I gladly took them to the Goodwill station today without any hesitation.