I don’t watch TV.  My relatives watch TV, but I wouldn’t go in there.  Not with those blades spinning like that.  Those fans weren’t already there.  I crawled up into the attic and put them there.   When I installed those fans I put them on real slow where they would look nice and circulate a little air.  I cut the chains real short because it is not necessary to change the speeds or switch anything on or off because I put switches on the wall.  No one should have never touched them.  I wouldn’t like the programs they watch anyway.  I may move and have a TV in my Kitchen to watch cooking programs and that is it.

The establishment has attempted to dumb us down with methods such as putting fluoride into our drinking water and pumping propaganda into our television sets.   Most people only think about American Idol and watching ball games.  I use to watch FOX News thinking it was the only truth out there.  I don’t like watching that anymore because I don’t like seeing and hearing all of the negativity.  I get all the negativity I need from listening to Coast to Coast from my computer or telephone.  I look at Coast as more of an Awareness and hearing what I will never hear on television.  However there are 3 or 4 good channels to watch on cable television.  They are Food, Travel, Discovery and History.