God Loves Star Wars

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI had a vision that was very clear. I was flying through space at light speed. I suffered a mild hypothermia. At this point the stars were run together as a big white blur.  From light speed I slowed down a lot. Then I could see the stars flying past me or rather I was flying past them. They would fly by very fast it was beautiful, as this was real and I believe that I was there in real life, transported into space somehow.   All of the sudden I saw a man sitting in a dentist chair and it was twirling around and around and coming closer.  As the man lying in the chair slowly spinning around and getting closer.   I then realized as saw his face! “It’s Max Lucado,” I shouted. I was so puzzled, amazed, and surprised. I put the wine glass down and thought about it for a few seconds. I shouted out, “Oh my, Oh my, It’s the Church of Christ!” From there on my world changed. There were living waters flowing everywhere! I was coming from the ceilings down the walls to the floor, like powerful rushing water flowing from a stream. God had put this vision into reality. I wanted to start going to Oak Hills Church. At that time the Church was called Oak Hills Church of Christ. I asked my family to pick me up for church Sunday morning. I was so happy when it was Sunday morning.   At church I would feel the Holy Spirit, and his love through the congregation.   At that time I never felt so much love in my life.  This was around 2001 or 2002.In another chapter I will tell about an old preacher that hired me to do some painting at his home and how he said a certain paint store knew him very well as one knows me now.  This was about 15 years ago when he told me I should breathe toluene up very close out of a bucket.  I was too scared then, but that all changed after visiting relatives in San Antonio at the time I was living on my parents farm during Y2K.   I was staying at the Sea World Best Western and went Hog Wild.  Some reason I had religious experiences of being in a Hindu wedding or some kind of ceremony with an Indian family.  It is very possible that I will marry and Indian or you may say Asian woman before Christmas 2011.  As I was told today on 05/27/2011 I just know that It will be with a woman with dark hair.  My first thought was a Hispanic woman as I am very attracted to them as well.  This afternoon I remembered the wedding  and the ceremony where I was in some kind of march where a woman was walking behind me with her hands on my waist and all the men there had a woman holding his waist. It was kind of like the Bunny Hop where everyone lined up boy, girl, boy, girl, etc.   It is very possible that it was some kind of download from spiritual entities since Indians owned the hotel.  Therefore the woman could really be any race with black hair.  The woman I see in my visions has dark wavy hair that almost curls.  I can only see a silhouette of her so I really don’t know what race she is, just dark hair and dark skin.  I wanted to mention that the first time I breathed a lot was at the farm a few weeks before the San Antonio vacation trip.  This was before the “This is Your Cartoon” experience”  Saw my Grandmother, Grandfather and about 12 to 14 Angels.  I never met my Grandfather because he passed away before I was born.  I only saw them for about 7 seconds.The old preacher said “God told that I would meet a painter that would change the world.  Are you him?”  At the time I didn’t think so.  Now I wonder after hearing God tell me that I will be a movie producer.

Today I was told that every time God spoke to me it was really an Angel or God speaking through an Angel.


Matt Muckleroy