I am not a journalist and have very little college so bear with me.  The most important and to have the best results suited is using the correct container. I recently had extremely good results with a glass coffee pitcher.  It was by accident because it was the only thing I could find.  There were no buckets around so I tried the top part of a double boiler and kept spilling the toluene.  I saw this coffee pitcher and if you can imagine a Mister Coffee?  This is it pictured above.  It is an economy type, about 10 or 12 cup size.  I put about 50 to 100 ml in at time.  For first timers 25 ml is more than enough!  The container had a large opening so I could hold it up like a mask with the pouring part on the bridge of my nose and the handle at the bottom. It was great. The handle is real nice.  The whole thing is practically spill proof and the spout part would rest on my nose and the other side of the opening would rest on my chin leaving about 5 to 10 mm on the sides of my face  nose for fresh air to come in.  It can’t spill.  If you want the fumes a little stronger just swish it around.  That reminds me of a vision of a girl with a air up giant bat kept hitting me over the head and now I know why.  I feel so stupid because after 12 years I figured out how to make the fumes stronger with out standing on my head or tilting my head with the bucket.  I was even showed visions or downloads of Roto Vaps and still didn’t figure it out.  A Roto-Vap is a flask that is rotated by a motor and with vacuum applied the contents will evaporate faster than contents in a flask that is not moving or rotating.  With a container such as a bucket you simply rotate the bucket around and the toluene coats a lager surface, producing mover vapors.  It is only necessary as the toluene gets down to 25 to 50 ml in a bucket.  The coffee pitcher above is a whole different ballgame.  It will flat out get with the program!

I have a lot more to offer with this blog. I want to go into more detail as time goes on as to the good reasons to breathe toluene and the bad things that happen. I get more positives than negative when I add it all up.  I will show you how to avoid psychic attacks and downloads. The first thing you will see is probably a cartoon with a cowboy twirling a rope. If that happens stop immediately because it is a type of telepathic log in where they will strap you in a chair and put knives into your temples and it will hurt for about 3 days.   If you hear a voice saying this is your cartoon is probably to late.  I will upload more details about that later.  I have a lot more content on this already written. I have a lots of  information that you will never find on the internet. Believe me I searched up and down for ten years and no one has the balls to post what I will.  An angel was showing me breathing techniques that had powerful results and I was able to remove the knives or which later became large pins about 2 inches in diameter from my temples and the whole program is now gone.  I learned this exercise 10 years ago by an angle or spirit guide but didn’t need it until a month ago when the pins were pushed out.  You have to be very careful because of this space light travel.  Some are divine and actually your spirit traveling and that is good.  I believe anything from the Galactic Federation and God is good.  The others are some kind of military programs or video game type downloads.  I haven’t figured out how they are made, but they are certainly real.  I was told by a voice that he and I would be locked up tight as a drum if any of this was mentioned. Could that be someone that doesn’t want me to write this blog?  The last voice I heard not long ago was “You Searched the World for a Vessel”


Matt Muckleroy